Saturday, 28 March 2009

The beginning...

Reason for blogging #1: Discipline!

I wanna get fitter, stronger, be less of a couch-potato and more of a i'll-have-that-in-a-smaller size-tato :) so I need all you nice folks out there reading my efforts, commenting on them and encouraging me to go on!

But lets start from the basics...

I'm a 24-year-old Greek living in London. Been here for 7+ years and I'm loving it. Well... mostly loving it. I miss Athens's sunshine, the fact that I wouldn get coffee at 11pm and food at 4am. But oh well, 9 out of 10 times London's worth it. This town makes you feel alive, like anything is possible, like your big chance is right around the corner. This is pretty much the way it's been for me since 2002 when I moved here.

And now 7 years later, after getting my degree, some work experience, my masters and now my first graduate job, some of the magic has worn off but the allure remains. Few things can compare with walking alongside South Bank at sunset, the view from Canary Wharf Tower, moving through the crowds at Saturday's Portobello Market... oh I could go on.

Instead I'll come right to the point, the reason behind this blog. My weight. Like I said, I'm Greek. And that comes at a price. Yes, I have (what my Brit friends call) a natural tan. Yes, I have a great immediate and extended family, i.e. more cousins that I can count (I'm sure you've all seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding so I neednt continue...). However, I got a very Mediterranean body type, which needs regular exercice to remain slim (or slim-er). If I let go, it lets me let go too :(. I never was a could-eat-whatever-she-wants-and-is-as-slim-as-a-string-bean type of gal, but this isnt right either my physique at the moment, it doesnt feel good either. And as I am an obsessive person, with everything, including foods, places and people, I'm really keen in making this work!

Since I started full-time work, a desk and pc job, exercise seems to have taken the backseat, or no seat at all! Recently I discovered I have put on a full 10 kilos (!!!) - as I discovered today that is 22 pounds aka A LOT - since the summer of 2006 and if that isnt dreadful then I dont know what is. My goal is to lose that, return to my natural weight and that's where running comes into the equation (I hope!). I was hoping to post some current pictures and show the differences week-by-week, but Im a bit camera shy so I guess that will have to wait.

So today I went out there got myself some great running shoes (maximum support as I have feet that are as flat as a pancake), a decent sports bra, 2 booking on running (insert title here), packed my fridge with fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and determination, and off we go!

I intend to publish my daily routing (both running and eating) and let's hope this will get me somewhere! Looking forward to your comments and I promise most blogs will be shorter than this!

xx Kiki

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  1. oh my god, kiki, the story of my life...
    i love london - been there three times already, and never had a boring time
    by the time i am free to live where i want, i'll probably be too old to live there, but holidays to london are the next best thing to that (and holidays in athens too)
    happy easter