Thursday, 30 April 2009

Got it!

Ok quick note before I collapse from exhaustion!

I got the promotion - YAY!

Im so happy :)

Will do proper post soon!


Sunday, 26 April 2009

Busy Sunday

A little inside joke: My full name (Kyriaki) in Greek means Sunday (the day) - People ask if I was born on a Sunday (I wasnt) but it's my grandma's name hence I was named after her. So what a busy Sunday (day) and a busy Sunday (me!) it was today...

But first thing's first.

I spend Saturday night at a wonderful grastropub (London's full of them) overlooking the Hammersmith Bridge. Isn't it pretty?

There we enganged in a hour-long debate with my friends (all of us Greek) over this 'hot-of-the-press' topic: Are we in Hammersmith area or are we in Chiswick area? Haha yes we are very silly, even though we are pushing 25 (god!)... Does anyone actually know the answer to this one? We'd be grateful for an answer!!

This was my breakfast:
  • Milk
  • Tsoureki - I swear it's never ending!
  • A large granny smith apple - loooove these!

Seeing how I hadnt done any exercice this week, I decided on something simple. A 40' walk from my place to High Street Kensington where I was meeting a friend for lunch and coffee (yes we are VERY Greek!).

These are some photos of places I passed in my walk... Isnt London the prettiest when it's sunny? (about 10 days a year...)

This is my old neighbourhood in Notting Hill - Dont be fooled by the gorgeous exterior! I lived in a 'cupboard' paying waaaay too much for rent. But hey that's zone 1 for ya!

These babies were waiting for their owner outside a cafe - cute cuteness cuties! If I was ever home at a normal time during the week and had a garden or an outside space I would soooo luuuv to have a dog, they are adorable!

A very typical Notting Hill front door. The residents were actually very close to the window when I was taking this picture so I had to be swift and move on!

This is my parents favourite pub, just as you enter Kensington Church Street.

And then the church itself. If you are around early on a Sunday, you see so many people coming out in their Sunday best.

Finally the High Street itself. I love shopping here, not as crowded as Oxford Street, everything is within easy walking distance, plus you get Whole Foods Market - what's not to love?!

This is the cafe where we had lunch. Patisserie Valerie is such a favourite, they do the best cappucino in London (I think), pastries, cakes, lunch, brunch, sandwiches, pretthy much the whole lot ... I heart Valerie!

This was my tasty lunch. Forgot to take the pix as the plate arrived, it was only after a couple of bites that I remembered :S Whooops! I had a brown bread sandwich with gruyere cheese, tomato, avocado and a pesto dressing. Oh it was tasty. It came with a cute green salad and some crisps which I quickly passed on to my friend - they were too greasy anyway.

Now after all that, I took the bus home, couldnt face another walk as my feet were absolutely killing me!

I am up for a promotion at work, for which I have to sit through an all day assessment centre, including an interview, a presentation, a case study and god knows what else... So I had some homework to do when I got home. It felt so strange having to actually revise for something, I hadnt done any sort of 'homework' since graduating in 2007.... It felt weird I tell you.

And as a final note...
If you are eating, have an upset stomach, are easily grossed out, cant stand injuries PLEASE LOOK AWAY NOW....

Otherwise, have a look as my flat-as-a-pancake feet and the wonderful blister I inherited for my walk today.

Can you believe I get these every single time I walk, run, wear heels, or wear any sort of shoe that isnt flat????


Ok back to homework - Kiki needs that promotion!


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Wagamama without Mamma

I spent Saturday in East London with my sis. First I had a small breakfast at home
  • Milk
  • Tsoureki
  • Some red grapes

I stopped by the post office before meeting my sis to pick up my new arrival - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book! Haha I'm such a geek - but I've seen all the movies and read all the books (plus I used to work for the production company) so it made sense to get this one too!

Of course the Jubilee line is down again today, so I had to make the dreaded change to the DLR at Bank Station - urgh such a labyrinth of a station that is. Check out the Docklands - so pretty huh?!

The Canary Wharf Tower....

And a view of Limehouse Marina from the DLR train

Lunch was an all-time favourite: Wagamama!!! My mom called while we were there and was making a cute complaint about us going there without her.... Hence the title of this post haha! :) I had the miso ramen soup (as always), my sis had the chicken soup and we had some tori kara age to share, downed with some peach ice tea - oh yummy!

As a footnote I would like to add the following message:

My thoughs go out to Jenna who lost her brother yesterday... It's funny but when you read someone's blog, you feel like you're reading their journal, like you're actually getting to know them. It was just so tragic and scary getting these bad news for her family.

Take care everyone x

Friday, 24 April 2009

Happy Nameday Mom!

Before I forget, today's my mom's nameday! Xronia Polla Mama!

Check out how many prezies she's got

Unfortunately, my present is being held hostage by the postman ---- Please just deliver it! It's been over a week since I send it to her...

Cant wait to find out what she thinks of it!!!


Pretty. Crazy.

Had a mad week but hey! The weekend is here!!
This is what I've been up to lately...


Breakfast was a usual of late
  • Glass of semiskimmed milk
  • A slice (or two) of tsoureki
  • 4 strawberries
  • Half a mango
  • Handful of green grapes
  • A small red apple

I didnt finish all my fruit, so I packed it up in a baggie and had them at work as my 10.30am snack!

Lunch was a usual salad (forgot to take picture but it was 2 cauliflower and broccoli florets with some tuna chucks) but dinner was liquid (3 glasses of Chilean Merlot wine --- oooh so bad but also sooo good)


  • Strawberries
  • Granny Smith apple - so tasty!
  • Some red grapes
  • Milk
  • Tsoureki!

Lunch was a store-bought salad: Grilled salmon, new potatoes, cucumber, lettuce - yumminess at £3.25

Snack was what was some nuts:

  • Brazil Nuts
  • Stragalia (roasted chickpeas --- Does anyone know what the english word for these is?)
  • Roasted almonds

Dinner was liquid as per yesterday but I also had some cheese and meat platter with bread - naughty naughty naughty!

I'm off to take it easy now after what was a positively hellish work week and I'll keep u posted on my weekend!!


PS. Must exercise over the weekend - must must must!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Traffic is traffic

Next time I hear people complain about Athens traffic, I'll just remind them that it's an international concept...

My commute from West London (home) to East London (work) unfortunately includes a 20 minute bus ride. For no reason today, it was a 40' bus ride ... urgh

Check out London traffic...

Needless to say what was for dinner right?! My gosh, I though that lamb would never end. It's over now however! Next time I eat red meat, it'll be May - I dont think my body can take any more at the moment :)

A view from above

Cant believe it's only Wednesday.... When will the weekend start?!

I had a lovely breakie today
  • a glass of semi-skimmed milk
  • half a mango
  • handful of red grapes
  • a red apple
  • and some tsoureki (god I love that stuff)

I love sunny London so much! The temperature is in the 20soC - so good! Check out the view from my window at work - Good huh??

My lunch will be a standard of regular goodies:
  • Spinach
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Cucumber
  • Green Pepper
  • Turkey Ham
  • Applewood cheese - If you havent tried this stuff - seriously do! It's AMAZING!

I had to sneak my iphone quickly in and out of handbag to take this picture. It's an open space office, and I'd rather I didnt get puzzled looks and questions as to why I'm photographing my - as they call it - rabbit food! Ha!

As I have the whole lunchtime and more, booked out for a series of meetings, it looks like an early lunch today, which would give me enough time to enjoy my afternoon snack of banana and actimel! Mmmm Yumminess


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

An uneventful night

I came home so late today I had to skip my run, which I found so annoying. It's funny, but when I plan something and then it doesnt happen, it does piss me off somehow.

I had a pretty busy but univentful day at work - had the usual crazy mix-throw-what's-in-the-fridge salad with:
  • spinach
  • feta cheese
  • turkey ham
  • egg
  • cucumber
  • green pepper
  • grilled artichokes (I finished the container :( )

Then around 4pm had an Actimel Strawberry and a banana for snack but was pretty hungry when I left work. I was going to get a sesame snap snack from the shop in the station but it was already 7pm when I made it to the tube so I just waited for dinner as I knew I wouldnt be home before 8pm - Damn 1hour commute from East to West London!!!

Dinner was... Oh yeah, you guessed it right: Easter Lamb!

Now Im off to catch up with some Lost (mmm Sawyer...) and then it's bed time!

Cya later!


Top Gear

Im telling you, going to be before midnight makes all the difference in the world... Even though, I really didnt wanna get out of bed this morning I could tell the difference, my head was less dizzy, my legs less heavy, generally I felt more rested.

My breakfast this morning was very similar to yesterday:
  • Bowl of fruit: mellon, pineapple, grapes
  • Glass of semi-skimmed milk
  • A gorgeous slice of tsoureki

I love how sunny it was today! Reminds me of home!

When I arrived at work, guess who's filming outside the tube station? That's right : TOP GEAR! There were sooo many people around, didnt know what to think of it in the beginning, assumed it was a fire alarm or sth!

Anyway better get doing some work - cya later xx

Monday, 20 April 2009

Leftover Lamb

MMM Delicious leftover lamb... such an easy and tasty option for when you come back home at 8pm so tired!

Going back, around mid-afternoon I had an Actimel 0% fat strawberry flavoured - which did the trick for a little bit, but not too long... I followed up with a banana and a cup of semi-skimmed milk, which held me up till I got home.

I debated exercise but being so tired I decided against it, thought I should listen to my body and took it easy today.

Cant wait for new episode of 24 and Britain's Next Top Model tonight - Yes, I like trash TV haha!

G'night people! xx

I dont like Mondays

I shoulda gone to bed earlier, so I woulda been able to get up without feeling so confused as to why my alarm is asking me to get out of sweety, comfy bed at crazy-o-clock! Urgh - hindsight is a great thing isnt it!?!

Had a fruit salad for freakfast (watermellon, mango about 350gr), 2 spoonfulls of Total Greek Yogurt (full fat - i cant take that watered down 0% yogurts) and a slice of tsoureki.... oh how good it is, I had forgotten!!

Had a black coffee at work, and then an early lunch of my wonderful leftovers salad
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • feta cheese
  • spinach
  • grilled artichoke
  • cubbed lamb from yesterday

And it was tasty!!! :) - I really ought to start photographing my meals huh?

I guess I'm having pretty much the same thing tomorrow, but need to spice it up a little... once I'm home will open fridge and ponder!

Bad news is a had a pretty major energy drop around 1pm.... Dunno what it was, but I literally couldnt keep my eyes open in my afternoon meeting... And I was hosting it - How embarassiiiing! So I had to have another cup of black coffee to compensate. I promised it'll be the last one of today. It didnt work really, I'm still feeling pretty tired and generally exhausted, which is rather typical of me when I have a busy weekend, I am pretty hyper on Sunday nights and dont get to bed till like 1.30 or so...

Ok back to work now - 2 more hrs and I should be off!

xx Kiki

PS. Must remember to post a picture from the view from the window near my desk - it's so pretty!

PS2. Do I have to exercise tonight? Do I??

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Happy Greek Easter people!

When Greeks think of Easter, they think of roast lamb (probably on a spit), dyed eggs, tsoureki (sweet cake-bread-y thing that tastes a-ma-zing!) and most importantly ... over-eating! And today I was a true Greek haha!

I started preparing the lamb at 11.30, put it in the oven at 12.15 (it takes a while...). Did some cleaning around, and then my sister arrives. Lucky girl was in Athens for 3 weeks (urgh I miss being a student, with all the vacations...) and brought me sooo many goodies (thanks mom, thanks dad, thanks bakers of Athens!). I got a tsoureki, an easter egg AND some presents - how great are Greek parents huh?!

The poor leg of lamb took a good 3 hours in the oven to be done, so in the meantime I had a few strawberries and a cup of French Roast coffee from Whole Foods Market. It did the trick and when we had lunch at 3.30 (ok ok late lunch) I was perfectly hungry to savour the gorgeous taste of the lamb, roast potatoes and greek salad (horiatiki = villagers salad).

For dessert we had mini haagen dazs icecreams (Yum!) and then, in the true spirit of easter, watched a silly movie on tv.

After a couple
of hours (i mean 4 - couldnt move before that!) and a massive clean up that was required in my kitchen, I followed my Perfect Pilates body DVD and did around 40' of it (Silhouette, Bums/Tums, Arms and Stretch). Finally it was shower time, and then a little supper of leftover salad and a small slice of lamb... oh it was goooood!

I also dug into my easter egg - tasty and not too sweet... so nice. Im now off to continue with the task of cleaning up - seriously Easter cleaning takes for EVER and then bed time! It's a proper work day in London tomorrow, unlike Greece - Man, im jealous!

Night night! xx

Check out the lamb recipe of

A pretty bad blogger...

hungs head in shame... :(

i know... such a bad blogger....

dont even know if I should bother continuing. i guess time will tell huh?

I am very very VERY surprised Ms Kiwi has even commented on this blog, as I didnt even bother to tell anyone about it, let alone advertise it (ps. Thanks!!!!) but in some way I guess it's given me the strength to keep going...

I'm off to bed as I have a full day of Greek Easter cooking tomorrow!

I'll keep u guys posted!