Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A view from above

Cant believe it's only Wednesday.... When will the weekend start?!

I had a lovely breakie today
  • a glass of semi-skimmed milk
  • half a mango
  • handful of red grapes
  • a red apple
  • and some tsoureki (god I love that stuff)

I love sunny London so much! The temperature is in the 20soC - so good! Check out the view from my window at work - Good huh??

My lunch will be a standard of regular goodies:
  • Spinach
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Cucumber
  • Green Pepper
  • Turkey Ham
  • Applewood cheese - If you havent tried this stuff - seriously do! It's AMAZING!

I had to sneak my iphone quickly in and out of handbag to take this picture. It's an open space office, and I'd rather I didnt get puzzled looks and questions as to why I'm photographing my - as they call it - rabbit food! Ha!

As I have the whole lunchtime and more, booked out for a series of meetings, it looks like an early lunch today, which would give me enough time to enjoy my afternoon snack of banana and actimel! Mmmm Yumminess


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  1. Why I have never tried Applewood cheese? e? why?