Monday, 20 April 2009

I dont like Mondays

I shoulda gone to bed earlier, so I woulda been able to get up without feeling so confused as to why my alarm is asking me to get out of sweety, comfy bed at crazy-o-clock! Urgh - hindsight is a great thing isnt it!?!

Had a fruit salad for freakfast (watermellon, mango about 350gr), 2 spoonfulls of Total Greek Yogurt (full fat - i cant take that watered down 0% yogurts) and a slice of tsoureki.... oh how good it is, I had forgotten!!

Had a black coffee at work, and then an early lunch of my wonderful leftovers salad
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • feta cheese
  • spinach
  • grilled artichoke
  • cubbed lamb from yesterday

And it was tasty!!! :) - I really ought to start photographing my meals huh?

I guess I'm having pretty much the same thing tomorrow, but need to spice it up a little... once I'm home will open fridge and ponder!

Bad news is a had a pretty major energy drop around 1pm.... Dunno what it was, but I literally couldnt keep my eyes open in my afternoon meeting... And I was hosting it - How embarassiiiing! So I had to have another cup of black coffee to compensate. I promised it'll be the last one of today. It didnt work really, I'm still feeling pretty tired and generally exhausted, which is rather typical of me when I have a busy weekend, I am pretty hyper on Sunday nights and dont get to bed till like 1.30 or so...

Ok back to work now - 2 more hrs and I should be off!

xx Kiki

PS. Must remember to post a picture from the view from the window near my desk - it's so pretty!

PS2. Do I have to exercise tonight? Do I??

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  1. Who really likes Mondays ???
    To be honest today I hate Tuesdays too, as I have to go to work tomorrow...