Monday, 31 August 2009

End of the Bank Holiday

Unfortunately, the migraine persisted today so I took it easy. For breakfast I had my standard of porridge with an apple and a banana. Lunch was a beef & leek soup. I snacked on a slice of toast with peanut butter and strawberries of top (instead of strawberry jam as per usual). There was no exercise of the menu - booo :(

Responding to Skinny Late's comment here are some more Greece pictures! There are from the island of Sifnos, I was over there August 2007.

This is the bungalow we stayed at.

A nice little marina

This used to be my PC background for a while... You can see why!

I really miss Sifnos - cant wait till I'm back


Sunday, 30 August 2009

Wasted Sunday

It's grey and moody outside and actually inside too. The migraine is still here despite my 2hr nap this afternoon. I had a nice light lunch of a cheese & tomato quesadilla (as picture below x2), with sone tuna and peas.

Sorry no proper picture - I forgot!

Afterwards I had 2 of my homemade cookies, which only made me feel good temporarily.

I spend some time finishing this book I have been reading for weeks 'The Secret Scripture' - Has anyone read this? I found the story interesting but the writing was a bit hard to follow, the language confused me at times.

Washed down with a glass of apple & mango juice.

I am now lying on the couch watching:
Hahaha .... I love this show. I cry like a baby at pretty much each episode!

I called this post 'wasted' cause I feel I havent done anything productive today besides sleep and eat, and that was so not my intention! Im not that worried, cause tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in the UK so I get one more day off work - yay!

Cu at dinner

Waking up to a migraine

Dont know if it was waking up so early (I had some errants to run) or being so tired when I went to sleep last night, but when I woke up at 8am I had this killing migraine above my right eyebrow. It was like someone was drilling a hole in my head... definately not the best way to wake up!

I got up and knew I had to take some painkillers, so I had a piece of wholewheat toast with peanut butter & strawberry jam plus a small glass of milk. Then I took some Panadol extra and I am now blogging away from my bed. My eyes feel very heavy, I think I may actually nap today.

Sorry for the moan. Here's a pretty picture from downtown Athens.

And one from the seaside!

Cya later x

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday night lazy bum

I tried going for a run, but no dice. I mean I ran and everything, but I wasnt feeling it. I went half way my usual route and just turned back (walking!). I know - so disappointing. Sometimes you just arent in the mood.

After showering - again, I forgot to stretch... what's wrong with me?! Do you think it'll hurt tomorrow? - I made a quick pasta dinner. I sweat a small shallot, topped it with some canned plum tomatoes, added some canned mushroom and a grated carrot. Once that and my pasta (wholewheat spaghetti) were cooked, I added some grilled courgette in the mix. Topped with parmesana cheese (I know, bad but good!)

I love having meals in bowls!

When I was back home in Athens, 2 weeks ago, we had these a-ma-zing peaches in the house. My fave breakfast was a sliced peach dipped in Total Greek Yogurt (the full-fat kind, I've never been able to eat the lower fat ones), and a small slice of wholewheat bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

I dont know if it was the combination of fruit, yogurt and peanut butter or just the fact that is was at least 10oC hotter than the standar London temperature but that breakfast kept me full for 3-4hrs straight!

And I leave you with a picture of the sunset from my parents fave restaurant, in Floisvos Marina in Athens. Oh so good...

Kiki x

Oh joy. More packing

Just got back from my sister's place. It looks pretty much packed! This is my 2nd time packing this month and I'm really not loving it! At least her place is pretty much done and I wont have to pack for moving for a long long time.

For lunch we had chichen kebabs, chinese chichen thighs and BBQ brumsticks. I had about half of the chicken you see here, my baby leaf salad, and some carrots with reduced fat hummus.

Once I got home, I got two of my homemade chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk. Does anyone know how long you can keep cooking in the fridge? Mine contain no milk, but I have made them a few days ago... Anyone??

For a while now, I have been seeing two books around in the blog world - Veganomicon and Eat, Live & Be Vegan. I bought them a few days ago and I have been slowly reading through them. Even though, I am not a Vegan, I'm not even Vegetarian (even thought I toyed with the idea for a few years when I was 17), I wanted to expand my recipe database with some non-meat recipes. I have to say that so far ''Eat, Drive & Be a Vegan'' hasnt been that great. I mean it's good and all but it hasnt really struck a cord. However.... ''Veganomicon'' oh my god wow! I picked up so many great tips about grilling veggies and making different types of hummus!

Watch this space for some interpretations of these recipes (soon) to come!

I leave you with a view from my balcony last night. Yes it was raining (this IS london) and I managed to catch a rainbow with my camera!

Cute huh?

Cu at dinner x

Missed me?

Hey! Long time no blog huh? Alright, im back now! (Hurray!)

There have been a few major things happening lately hence the lack of posting. If you remember from last time, I was packing to move house. Well I did move! It was a great change, and a very good decision to be made. I am not a bit further away than Central London but soooo much closer to work! I have gotten back into (semi)healthy eating and yes running too!

Right lets start off with breakfast today. 2 tablespoons of Total Greek Yogurt, 1 small Golden Delicious Apple, a peach, 7-8 strawberries, 2 hard-boiled eggs.

I had planned to grab that banana too but I was too full! I am now packing it in my bag for a snack later! And yes, I did have that breakfast outside in my brand new balcony which I am totally in love with.... And yes, London *was* sunny at 10.30am!

Today Im off to NorthWest London to help my sister pack and move - Haha yes I guess it's moving season!!! My arms a bit sore from last night's workout (10' minute solution DVD - Target Toning for Beginners) so I'm hoping that packing, lifting, cleaning will be a great way to get un-sore!

Not sure what time I'll be back, probably late afternoonish, so I will not do a lunch post but a rather biggie dinner post.

So I leave you with pictures to explain what I have been doing for all the time I was away.


Lentils, smoked salmon, rocket salad, and tzatziki, i.e. clearing out the fridge foods.

I packed. Loads. And again. And then some more. If I see a storage box any time soon, I may break down and cry!

I spend about a week in Athens... It was soooo good. This is the House of Parliament (used to be the Palace).

And this is one of the busy shopping streets (Ermou Street) in downtown Athens.

Of course, there was a bit of staying at work late... Booo damn deadlines!

And finally, 4 things you will find on my work desk at any time.
Hand creme
and some sort of snack

God I used to looove Larabars so so much - I actually got a colleague addicted, but lately I havent been able to have one. I probably had too much of them and went off the taste or something!

Does anyone else out there feel that they just go off certain foods at points in time?

Kiki x