Sunday, 30 August 2009

Wasted Sunday

It's grey and moody outside and actually inside too. The migraine is still here despite my 2hr nap this afternoon. I had a nice light lunch of a cheese & tomato quesadilla (as picture below x2), with sone tuna and peas.

Sorry no proper picture - I forgot!

Afterwards I had 2 of my homemade cookies, which only made me feel good temporarily.

I spend some time finishing this book I have been reading for weeks 'The Secret Scripture' - Has anyone read this? I found the story interesting but the writing was a bit hard to follow, the language confused me at times.

Washed down with a glass of apple & mango juice.

I am now lying on the couch watching:
Hahaha .... I love this show. I cry like a baby at pretty much each episode!

I called this post 'wasted' cause I feel I havent done anything productive today besides sleep and eat, and that was so not my intention! Im not that worried, cause tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in the UK so I get one more day off work - yay!

Cu at dinner


  1. I get the worst migraines so I totally sympathize! reading a book and chocolate chip cookies sound like far from a wasted day!

  2. I agree, far from a wasted day! Sometimes we just need to veg out and relax.

    I tried reading The Secret Scripture but I gave up after a while, I just wasn't feeling it! Which really surprised me and disappointed me too, as I had been so looking forward to reading it.

    Happy Bank Holiday Monday!!