Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday night lazy bum

I tried going for a run, but no dice. I mean I ran and everything, but I wasnt feeling it. I went half way my usual route and just turned back (walking!). I know - so disappointing. Sometimes you just arent in the mood.

After showering - again, I forgot to stretch... what's wrong with me?! Do you think it'll hurt tomorrow? - I made a quick pasta dinner. I sweat a small shallot, topped it with some canned plum tomatoes, added some canned mushroom and a grated carrot. Once that and my pasta (wholewheat spaghetti) were cooked, I added some grilled courgette in the mix. Topped with parmesana cheese (I know, bad but good!)

I love having meals in bowls!

When I was back home in Athens, 2 weeks ago, we had these a-ma-zing peaches in the house. My fave breakfast was a sliced peach dipped in Total Greek Yogurt (the full-fat kind, I've never been able to eat the lower fat ones), and a small slice of wholewheat bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

I dont know if it was the combination of fruit, yogurt and peanut butter or just the fact that is was at least 10oC hotter than the standar London temperature but that breakfast kept me full for 3-4hrs straight!

And I leave you with a picture of the sunset from my parents fave restaurant, in Floisvos Marina in Athens. Oh so good...

Kiki x


  1. It is a lovely sunset, don't you agree? ...and a nice restaurant as well...

  2. I'm loving all your pics of Greece! Haven't got there yet myself....your description of the peaches and yoghurt has got me very hungry! :D