Sunday, 26 April 2009

Busy Sunday

A little inside joke: My full name (Kyriaki) in Greek means Sunday (the day) - People ask if I was born on a Sunday (I wasnt) but it's my grandma's name hence I was named after her. So what a busy Sunday (day) and a busy Sunday (me!) it was today...

But first thing's first.

I spend Saturday night at a wonderful grastropub (London's full of them) overlooking the Hammersmith Bridge. Isn't it pretty?

There we enganged in a hour-long debate with my friends (all of us Greek) over this 'hot-of-the-press' topic: Are we in Hammersmith area or are we in Chiswick area? Haha yes we are very silly, even though we are pushing 25 (god!)... Does anyone actually know the answer to this one? We'd be grateful for an answer!!

This was my breakfast:
  • Milk
  • Tsoureki - I swear it's never ending!
  • A large granny smith apple - loooove these!

Seeing how I hadnt done any exercice this week, I decided on something simple. A 40' walk from my place to High Street Kensington where I was meeting a friend for lunch and coffee (yes we are VERY Greek!).

These are some photos of places I passed in my walk... Isnt London the prettiest when it's sunny? (about 10 days a year...)

This is my old neighbourhood in Notting Hill - Dont be fooled by the gorgeous exterior! I lived in a 'cupboard' paying waaaay too much for rent. But hey that's zone 1 for ya!

These babies were waiting for their owner outside a cafe - cute cuteness cuties! If I was ever home at a normal time during the week and had a garden or an outside space I would soooo luuuv to have a dog, they are adorable!

A very typical Notting Hill front door. The residents were actually very close to the window when I was taking this picture so I had to be swift and move on!

This is my parents favourite pub, just as you enter Kensington Church Street.

And then the church itself. If you are around early on a Sunday, you see so many people coming out in their Sunday best.

Finally the High Street itself. I love shopping here, not as crowded as Oxford Street, everything is within easy walking distance, plus you get Whole Foods Market - what's not to love?!

This is the cafe where we had lunch. Patisserie Valerie is such a favourite, they do the best cappucino in London (I think), pastries, cakes, lunch, brunch, sandwiches, pretthy much the whole lot ... I heart Valerie!

This was my tasty lunch. Forgot to take the pix as the plate arrived, it was only after a couple of bites that I remembered :S Whooops! I had a brown bread sandwich with gruyere cheese, tomato, avocado and a pesto dressing. Oh it was tasty. It came with a cute green salad and some crisps which I quickly passed on to my friend - they were too greasy anyway.

Now after all that, I took the bus home, couldnt face another walk as my feet were absolutely killing me!

I am up for a promotion at work, for which I have to sit through an all day assessment centre, including an interview, a presentation, a case study and god knows what else... So I had some homework to do when I got home. It felt so strange having to actually revise for something, I hadnt done any sort of 'homework' since graduating in 2007.... It felt weird I tell you.

And as a final note...
If you are eating, have an upset stomach, are easily grossed out, cant stand injuries PLEASE LOOK AWAY NOW....

Otherwise, have a look as my flat-as-a-pancake feet and the wonderful blister I inherited for my walk today.

Can you believe I get these every single time I walk, run, wear heels, or wear any sort of shoe that isnt flat????


Ok back to homework - Kiki needs that promotion!



  1. Oh my... this is getting worse eh? you have to do something with your feet!!!
    And you have to promise that you will NEVER go to Valerie without me again...nor to Notting Hill either...And why haven't I been at that lovely gastropub???

  2. Beautiful pics!

    Sorry about your tootsies :(

  3. pou ma piyew simera - i feel as though i am ack there, and what beautiful weather too!!!

  4. That sandwich looks delicious!

    BTW, my mom is a Kiki as well, but she's a Vasiliki. Hysterical because yiayia then named her brother Vasili. What's w/ Greeks giving the same names to their children?

    Awesome blog! I want to visit London soon, so I'm glad I can check out places to go on your blog! Thanks!

  5. Aw you guys! Thanks for the encouragement!

    I promise I will continue with the blog, I have left it for way too long, I kinda miss it