Sunday, 19 April 2009

Happy Greek Easter people!

When Greeks think of Easter, they think of roast lamb (probably on a spit), dyed eggs, tsoureki (sweet cake-bread-y thing that tastes a-ma-zing!) and most importantly ... over-eating! And today I was a true Greek haha!

I started preparing the lamb at 11.30, put it in the oven at 12.15 (it takes a while...). Did some cleaning around, and then my sister arrives. Lucky girl was in Athens for 3 weeks (urgh I miss being a student, with all the vacations...) and brought me sooo many goodies (thanks mom, thanks dad, thanks bakers of Athens!). I got a tsoureki, an easter egg AND some presents - how great are Greek parents huh?!

The poor leg of lamb took a good 3 hours in the oven to be done, so in the meantime I had a few strawberries and a cup of French Roast coffee from Whole Foods Market. It did the trick and when we had lunch at 3.30 (ok ok late lunch) I was perfectly hungry to savour the gorgeous taste of the lamb, roast potatoes and greek salad (horiatiki = villagers salad).

For dessert we had mini haagen dazs icecreams (Yum!) and then, in the true spirit of easter, watched a silly movie on tv.

After a couple
of hours (i mean 4 - couldnt move before that!) and a massive clean up that was required in my kitchen, I followed my Perfect Pilates body DVD and did around 40' of it (Silhouette, Bums/Tums, Arms and Stretch). Finally it was shower time, and then a little supper of leftover salad and a small slice of lamb... oh it was goooood!

I also dug into my easter egg - tasty and not too sweet... so nice. Im now off to continue with the task of cleaning up - seriously Easter cleaning takes for EVER and then bed time! It's a proper work day in London tomorrow, unlike Greece - Man, im jealous!

Night night! xx

Check out the lamb recipe of


  1. square plates with traditional greek easter lamb?
    very funny!

  2. Xronia Polla! Mmmm leg of lamb.