Saturday, 11 July 2009

Friday bloody Friday

Late post but hey!
Friday was mad and insane at work - Why does everything have to go wrong around 3pm on Fridays?! Urgh it's so annoying. I had been fighting a pretty major headache all day anyway so the combinat
ion of pain and the stress really didnt work out for me. I didnt take any paracetamol as I would normally cause I try not to take too many pills when I can. Turns out that was a mistake! My headache didnt go till I slept around midnight.

But lets recap.


For breakfast I had a bowl of cereal with semi-skilled milk. As breakfast is around 7am,
that usually doesnt take me till midday (lunch). I often have a little snack around 10.30 but on Friday I managed not to. Some people say it's better to have a snack and a smaller lunch and others believe that snacks are pretty much the devil. oh well... different courses for different horses as the Brits say.

My Lunch was as pictured: Chicken broth soup with a slice of bread and a salad. I only had about 3-4 bites of the salad and had the rest at 5pm.

Dinner was a hasty affair of already-marinated tofu on a bed of spinach, balsamic vinegar and parmesan - so delicious! I hardly ever eat tofu and that's only when I'm in a restaurant, but this was very very good and I intend to make it again asap! Was very quick too - it only needed about 5' in the grill and it was all set!

Dunno what's wrong with this picture. It just wont rotate! Sorry...

Watched the Sex and the City movie on Sky Comedy and then went straight to bed as I had a killer headache :-(


God, 10hrs of sleep feel good!
My breakie was a wholewheat roll with some butter and strawberry jam washed down with 2 glasses of semi-skimmed milk (not pictured).

I quickly got ready and headed off to Richmond to celebrate a friend's birthday. Unfortunately our ideas for a BBQ were canned as the weather was rainy and crappy.

Richmond's pretty though!

Cu later xx


  1. I agree, rainy or not Richmond is pretty! Sorry for the bbq, but it's England after all... Waiting for more of your

  2. HI Kiki! Thank you so much for visiting my blog last week :) It's neat to see another UK blogger! You are so lucky to live in London!