Thursday, 9 July 2009

She closes her eyes, dreams of pretty things, pretty things

Funny post title huh? :D
It's from Athena, a Greek singer/songwritter who writes and performs in English. She's so good! Love her music.

Picking up from where I left it off yesterday, one of my colleague's wife, just had a baby, so yesterday I 'sampled' some chocolate (praline filled - de-li-ci-ous!) and some Bailey's filled ones too - yummy!

My dinner was super yummy and delicious : PIZZA! Not the healthiest of options I know, but still was so worth it. I believe that when I eat out I do end up eating more calories, or generally eat stuff that isnt so good for you. On the other hand I
do believe that in most restaurants (except fast good restaurants ofc) you can make some decent choices that wont be too bad and will leave you full without being too fatty.

Like last night for example, went to Pizza Express. There, they are introducing a new range called Leggera (means 'light' in Italian I think). So I had the Gustosa pizza which basically is:

Hand torn prosciutto cotto ham, fior di latte mozzarella and slices of portobello mushroom with sweet yellow peppers and a sprinkle of thyme.

The pizza has a hole in the middle and they have placed a cute little salad there! The menu said that these pizzas have around 500cals each, which even tho it isnt 'little' it's still better than most pizzas I guess.

It was delicious and quite light, I ate about all of it, except the salad (naughty!).

This morning I had my typical breakfast of granary toast with peanut butter (seriously I LUVE this stuff, cant get enough) and a cup of semi-skimmed milk. Peanut butter keeps me going for hours with no snack. Today I had lunch a full 4.5hrs after breakfast and I wasnt even that hungry then. I had a cup of yellow split pea soup (was store-bought and very average) but I also got a medium sized salad with an assortment of cesear's salad, roasted carrots with herbs and (more!) yellow split peas with cous cous. Was a bit meugh! (so so). But it did keep me going for about 4hrs... must be all the beans!

Now I'm off to do some laundry and straighten my hair! Cu tomorrow x


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  2. Yummmmm! Pizza eh? It's been ages since I've had pizza...I am soooooo jealous !!!