Saturday, 18 July 2009

Saturday in Kensington

Hey all, How's your Saturdays going?

Mine so far, has been great!! My friend and I went to High Street Kensington for a light brunch. Instead of our usual 'Patisserie Valerie' we went to 'Le Pain Quotidien'. I have been hearing about this place from a few people and thought why not give it a shot?

I got the cappuccino and it was yummy! (I actually ordered another one later on, I luuuuve coffee)

The menu looked great and even though we were set for getting some eggs (there werent any on the menu), I ordered the beef carpaccio salad with asparagus, pine nuts and a pesto dressing.

Doesnt that look fab?

There was also a jar of praline spread around which we enjoyed with the fresh brown and baguette bread they brought along. My gosh that was good! So tasty and rich, I was like having desert!

The tables had the cutest salt and pepper shakers on them. These were actually on sale in the store.

What Saturday is complete without a trip to Whole Foods Market?! God how I love that store!! Wish I could shop there full-time, but it's a bit too pricey to be doing all your shopping there.

On the way to WFM, there was a girl on the street giving out vouchers. Even though I dont usually pick these up, I noticed they were for Whole Foods Market so I quickly snapped one. Guess what it was for?? Free freshly baked bread! What a fab Saturday treat! I picked up the wholegrain loaf and my friend picked up the walnut and blue cheese one. We shared them half and half so we can both enjoy both! The bakery guys even sliced them for us!

Thank you Whole Foods!

I went ahead and exchanged some of the pressies I got for my nameday last weekend. Some people take offense to that but I am a firm believer that it's better to change the presents and get something you want and will use, rather than keep some stuff in your closet that you'll never use, in order to spare people's feelings.

I got a great smart jacket from Kew (thanks Sis!) - that's where the cream cardi is from - and a great jumper from Gap! It's the softest thing, so cute! The scarf in the middle is from my flatmate - it's great huh?

My mom send me the Suunto training watch - I have wanted one of those for sooooo long! Thank u thank u thank u! Now all I gotta do is read the manual cause I cannot make it work yet!! :-)

As soon as I make it work, I am off for a run cause the weather is looking good in London town and we all know that that doesnt usually last - hehe! If the living room wasnt in such a state, I would pop in my Pilates DVD but there is no room to exercise in here for the time being. Plus it feels like a waste not to take advantage of the warm weather outside.

Cya later guys!

PS. My mom is travelling to Crete today for a 2-week vacation. While she's gone, I will be taking care of her blog Betty's Cuisine (scary thought!) so I will be doing some posts there too! I will keep you in the loop!


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  1. Kiki, take good care of my blog, ok? xaxaxa...
    Kisses from Crete !!!