Thursday, 2 July 2009

London's hot!

For British standards :) !!
Temperatures were 'soaring' according to the papers to .... (hold your breaths)... 31oC hahaha hilarious! Obviously in the office the air conditioning is at 15oC which mean I need a cardigan! Oh my...

So when it's 30oC outside... what do we do?!

1. We have lunchbreaks outside - preferably in a park by the fountain

2. We drink nice freshly squashed juices

3. We spend some time by the river

4. We drink a LOT of Pimm's

5. We get some honey-blonde highlights to match our sunny mood!

6. We get ice-cream!

I suggest we enjoy it while it lasts. The papers said today that the temperature will return to more normal – for this time of the year – standards, i.e. low 20oC…. Time to bring out the duvet!



  1. Are you drinking Pimm's without me??? How dare you???

  2. ...nice highlights by the way...!!!

  3. I wish I was there with you no matter what the temperature is...