Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Gone baby gone

I got home at 8:20pm tonight! Booo working late sucks huh?!

My day has gone pretty much like this:

Alarm goes off at 6.15. I snooze.
Goes again at 6.20. I snooze, but feeling awake now.
Goes again at 6.25, I'm thinking: Fine, I'll get up!
By the time that emergency 6.30am alarm went off, I was up.

I hit the lights switch to get some light in my room and actually be able to see around (curtains were closed, and of course it was rainy and cloudy outside).... no light comes on!!! After I played around with various plugs, switches and my main switch board, I succum and call EDF's fault's line. Oh yes! There is a fuse blown in the powerstation, pretty much everyone in my area has no power, they are aware of the fault and they are 'working on it'.... Great start huh?!

I have some breakfast (wholewheast bun roll with peanut butter + strawberry jam) and a glass of semi-skimmed milk and rely on day light to put on clothes and apply makeup - pray I dont look like a clown!

Work is relatively standard, people running around, the customer changing their minds every oh 5 minutes, people asking me the silliest of questions - my favourites being:
  • Where can I sit today? (It's an open-plan office and seats are first-come, first-served) - Jeez, I dont know, why dont you try the empty seat?!
  • Are we having the 1pm meeting? - Yes it's been going on for 3 months and we have it every-single-damn-day!!!
  • Do you want that in writing? - No, I want you to sing it from the rooftops!!!
Ah the joys of working in IT!

Anyway, lunch was a delicious bacon and barley soup with their fantastic thyme bread. Usually I digest soup in about 1-2hrs but this held me full for about 3.5hrs! I was chuffed! I love how they have seeds next to the soups and you can add them to your cup!

Can you tell food makes me happy? Hehe

After working away for 3-3.5hrs, going to meetings, coming back, typing emails, talking to people, chatting with some colleagues, it was time for my 2nd lunch of the day. My gorgeous wrap with some cherry tomatoes! Oh it was good, I'm telling ya!

And of course around 5pm - just as I thought that hey, I may go home on time and pack some more, the *beep* hit the fan and I had to stay at work till 7.15!!! Boy, was I pissed off! I dont mind staying back when there is actual work to be done, but I cannot stand staying behind just to babysit 4 adults who cannot tie their shoe laces unless they get spe-ci-fic information and step-by-step instructions!

Came home at 8.20 (told you, it's a hour's worth of commute!! but not for long hehe!) and quickly showered, and prepared myself a tasty, light dinner of pasta salad, cucumber, avocado and pink salmon with a yogurt dressing... Yum yum!

Now it's only 10.30pm but I am feeling so beat, I think I will just dry my hair quickly - no straighten tonight booo! - pick my clothes for tomorrow and crash! This day has overstayed its welcome - and it's only Tuesday!!!

Apologies for the rant - hope you found it more funny that annoying! It's pretty much who I am though, I love a good rant!

Speak later

PS. The nice EDF people did indeed fix the power issue and at least I didnt have to shower by candlelight!

PS2. I am still sore! Love you and hate you Pilates DVD!


  1. Breath-in, breath-out... that's the only piece of advice I can give you! Relax and smile...xoxo..

  2. First come first serve seating in an office? That's crazy!

  3. Hehe, I have an emergency alarm, too! It's on the other side of the bedroom so I have to get up to turn it off!
    What Pilates DVD did you do? I'm always looking for a good workout DVD.

  4. Allijag - we are working from the customer's site so it's their call unfortunately. I long for the day when I'll have my own desk with drawers!

    Thinspired - I use Pilates Perfect Body, from the 10 Minute Solution range (http://runkikirun.blogspot.com/2009/07/feeling-weekend-end.html). I have found that range to be quite good and I also have the Yoga one and the Blast Belly Fat one. Pilates is my fave tho!

    x Thanks for tuning in guys

  5. What a delicious day. Sounds like it was a busy one too.

  6. Hello Kiki! Nice to meet you too! Thanks for your lovely comment today :)

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