Sunday, 5 July 2009

Kitchen pressies

Sundays always put me in a sort of sad mood when I was younger. Maybe cause the weekend was away, maybe cause a full school week was ahead of me, anyway I always kinda got me down. At uni, Sunday wasnt like that anymore, it became a day to sleep in late (well... later than usual that is hehe) and just relax with friends. Now that I'm working, it has unfortunately gone back to that feeling on sadness. It probably factors in all the tiredness from the week and the fact that I try to make weekends quite busy as they are my only free days!

So today was picking up kitchen appliances day - hehe! I told you about those friends of mine who are moving out of their place right? Well they have a whole BUNCH of brand new, barely used kitchen appliances that they were leaving behind or taking out for trash! What a waste!!!

Look what I picked up - arent they pretty?!

- A coffee maker
- A toaster/grill

- A multimixer
- Electric salt + pepper dispensers
- A coffee/milk broth mixer
- A wok
- Taboo board game
- Another mixer for soups/sauces

Oh on the way there I had a Starbucks Frappucino Coffee Light (medium size). It was delish and so good in the heat!

Once I got home I had my dinner, which tonight was
2 grilled turkey fillets with some broccoli and cauliflower. Was good but rather boring.

Im now off to watch some (bad) TV and straighten my hair. Cu tomorrow



  1. Hi Kiki! I got here from Kelly's new blog and yours is great, too! I'm also new to blogging but have been reading for a while.
    Yay for free kitchen appliances! The best things in life are free indeed.:D

  2. very cute stuff! they will suit perfectly in your new home...

  3. Hey Mia!
    Welcome on board!
    Cant wait to use those babies :D x